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"Mental Health Double Header" fundraising

Today is both World Mental Health Day and the release day for our 2-track CD. If you add the songs to a playlist on Spotify, we’ll donate an extra dollar* to mental illness awareness charities. Please share! Please email it to friends who aren’t active on Social Media!

Spotify URL https://open.spotify.com/album/0DrL3vOOFiDwOWKz2A1OF1?si=UE1KcDZ3RN68Ehlq_bFNzg

Not on Spotify? Buy it on Bandcamp or iTunes, or stream it on Apple Music. If your favourite music service isn’t listed on the release page, please search for it in their app and email us the link! You can also send us money to add to our own donation. (We are also donating streaming revenue, but remember we get less than a penny each time you stream a track on the big music services.)

Mental Health Double Header Cover Art sml
* maximim $200

Press release for Mental Health Double Header

For Release
October 2, 2020

Delirium Street Party Brass releases “Mental Health Double Header”
Two brass-rock songs raising awareness will be available on World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2020

Calgary — October 2, 2020 Delirium Street Party Brass releases “Mental Health Double Header”, available on all platforms on World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2020. The band is a unique concept horn-focused rock band, formed in 2012, using drums, trombones, trumpets, tuba, saxophones and even flutes to deliver a full energetic sound that is at-home on rock and pop stations and playlists.
Basket Case
“Basket Case” is a cover of Green Day’s iconic single, sung by Collen Middleton of Bent Roads Tavern. “I was leading The Raw Punk Green Day Tribute Project in 2019, ‘Bleeds Green’, and we shared a stage with Delirium Street Party Brass a few times” says Collen. “I wanted to collaborate as soon as I heard them — their instrumentation is so rare and they sound fantastic, breathing street brass life into pop music.” “Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day wrote the song about struggles with anxiety, before he was diagnosed with panic disorder” says John Abraham, band leader, recording engineer, producer and trombone player.
What The Dark Is Bringing
Composer and vocalist Ian Van der Wee says “I wrote ‘What The Dark Is Bringing’ about an episode I had with suicidal thoughts. What I went through at the time was extremely scary, and sharing that fear and imagery through song has helped me cope. I want people to be moved by the song, but I also hope other people going through a similar episode might recognize some elements and understand that they can get through it and emerge safely on the other side.”
Cover Art
Artist Klrissa Wright drew the cover art for the album. “I wanted to show the notion that our head and our thoughts are not always under our control”, she says. “Everyone sees something a little different in Klrissa’s art” says Abraham, “it seems to act as a mirror to one’s own experience.”
In addition to Collen Middleton and Ian Van Der Wee on vocals, the musicians consist of some of Calgary’s best:

  • John Edward Abraham, Producer, Engineer, Trombone
  • Ron Murias — Drums 
  • Sean Devitt — Saxophone 
  • Dana Kaukinen — Saxophone, Alto Flute 
  • Kevin Waites — Trumpet 
  • John Towell — Trombone
  • Jevon Hills — Tuba 
  • Maria Kornell — Flute 
  • Scott Sproxton — Saxophone 
  • Jace Laing — Background vocals

Donations of Streaming Revenue
The band has decided to donate revenue from streaming platforms and purchases of this album to mental health awareness charities such as the Centre for Suicide Prevention suicideinfo.ca in Alberta and the BC Schizophrenia Society bcss.org. Listeners are encouraged to donate to local mental health awareness charities in their area.
Public links will be listed at https://deliriumstreetpartybrass.hearnow.com, including an already live pre-purchase link at Bandcamp.com and a donation link.


(note: private download links are available in advance to press, including a Radio Edit version of What The Dark Is Bringing.
Contact us for the links or to schedule interviews.)

Fan preview and preorder of Mental Health Double Header

Our "Mental Health Double Header" is available for pre-purchase on Bandcamp in advance of its release on World Mental Health Day October 10th.

Basket Case (Green Day Cover) is about Panic Disorder

What The Dark Is Bringing is about Suicidal Thoughts.

They rock!!!

Mental health conditions hit all demographics and careers, but musicians write songs about them. Don’t trust your mind, it can play tricks on you. Enjoy these rockers written by Billie Joe Armstrong and Ian Van der Wee about their own personal experiences. But, if they sound too familiar, get help! Bandcamp revenue will be donated to mental health awareness.

John E. Abraham — Production, Mixing, Engineering, Trombone
Collen Middleton — Vocals, Mastering, Guitar
Ian Edmond Van der Wee — Songwriting, Vocals
Run Murias — Drums
Sean Devitt — Saxophone
Dana Kaukinen — Saxophone, Alto Flute
Kevin Waites — Trumpet
John Towell — Trombone
Jevon Hills — Tuba
Maria Kornell — Flute
Scott Sproxton — Saxophone
Jace Laing — Background vocals