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New Roxanne Mix

We have a new mix of Roxanne! Sean1 took it and made it sound live.

Streetlight Manifesto

We’ve fallen in love with Streetlight Manifesto!Continue reading...


We’re working on Tetris. Does this mean we have to wear fancy shiny suits like the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra?

Facebook page

Yes we have Facebook. Please “like” us!

More bass drum!

Updated I Can See Clearly Now on Soundcloud. Keith said the bass drum wasn’t loud enough, then he said the trumpet was too loud. He was right. Have another listen if you want, it’s better now.

Tonight's rehearsal

Worked on “Doghouse” at rehearsal tonight. No Doubt. Hope they sing them when I see them in LA on Nov 30th.

Oh Yeah Derek is Da Man

Our tuba player is the bomb! Wow. Recorded last night, got some stuff coming your way! Here is
2001 or stream it from the music page.

Some recordings coming

We did some recordings this week! Sean and Margo’s 4track Zoom recorder, plus another couple of tracks on the computer. Left out the bass drum, tuba and vocals. We’re a 9 piece band, that means everyone recorded had their own mic. Gotta record the remaining three. Hope to have some samples on the website soon, then some gigs!