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Merry Ska-Christmas. Some good brass and ska for you.

Merry Christmas from Delirium SPB.

Here is a Christmas themed Ska Podcast for you, from CITR radio in Vancouver.

And here is some new music from The Soul Rebels, one of the original inspirations for Delirium SPB, playing a blend of Hip Hop covers on their New Orleans Brass instrumentation.

Mix the two together in your mind and you’ll know what to expect when you see us live. Which would be Feb 22 at Dickens Pub.

Sweet dreams everyone.

New I Can See Clearly Now recording

There’s YET ANOTHER recording from the other week. A nice new take of I Can See Clearly Now. Sensitive vocals, Keith on Cabaça

Let us know what you think!

Bond -- Surrender!

Another recording caught at the Rosedale Hall the other night. Monty Norman original Bond theme, and the k.d. lang / David Arnold “Surrender” song from Tomorrow Never Dies. Thanks Dave Prentice for the “Surrender” arrangement. Nice work Margo!

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Girl! Take it easy!

New song from this week! Girl Take It Easy -- PIETASTERS cover. Brass ska. John singing! Live from rehearsal at the Rosedale Hall. Please “like” and “share”, “tweet”, and “pin” etc. etc. thanks.

Full 3 song mini set from last week

We got three bootleg recordings the other week. Play them with soundcloud below or download “Believe In You” by clicking here. Had so much fun we’ll do it again this week.

Gigs and a new recording

We have a new recording from last night’s rehearsal! Our first real original composition. Composed by the lovely Margo and arranged by John1. It’s called “Believe in you”.

Also we will be making an appearance at the Rosedale Hall on Saturday the 26th and hope to hit the Ironwood open mic on an upcoming Wednesday Nov 6.

sPark and CanHo

A little news item for the email subscribers: We are playing at the City of Calgary’s sPark on Sunday at noon. It’s an instant street park made from closing 10St SW for a few weeks. We are also playing the LEGENDARY CANMORE HOTEL on Thursday the 22nd of August at 11PM. Please come out and support us and party with us!

Misterfire opens for us.

Watch the show page for last minute updates.

Canmore Hotel 1

Do you have a hall, garage, studio or warehouse?

We’re looking for a new rehearsal space, for cheap or free. We’ve been rehearsing Tuesday nights in a warehouse, but the warehouse is disappearing. We would prefer 7:30PM but could start as late as 9PM. Delirium is a street band, so we don’t need equipment (but if you’ve got a full recording studio with back line sitting empty, sure!). It should be heated, and quiet in case we record a CD or something, and big enough for all 9 of us. If you can help out, even temporarily, let us know in the comments below or contact us.


Need a snare drummer

Michael is heading off to the amazing Berklee School in Boston in September. So we need a snare drummer to take his place! If you know of anyone, please have them contact us!

Upcoming busking shows will be a bit impromptu, watch the shows page and like us on Facebook for details.

Check out our shows page for upcoming busking plans. See you Tuesday in Kensington and at the Peace Bridge!

Busking photos

There are some busking photos over here <click on it!>

Busking in Eau Claire

Sunday busking moved to Tuesday

Given the weather forecast for Sunday, and the big MS Run/Walk that day, we decided to busk Tuesday instead. Sometime around 6PM, Prince’s Island, Eau Claire and the Peace Bridge. Watch the show page for updates. Should be a fun time. Join us for dinner afterwards if you’d like.

Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

The big surprise from last night’s show in Toronto was the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra. They were the opening act from Montreal. Such a beautiful spectacle of dance and brass!

Bring on the dancing girls!

Gypsy Kumbia Live from Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra on Vimeo.

Check out their website here

(PS Anyone want to be a dancer for us? Contact us.)

Blind Beggar Photos from April 26

There are some photos of last night’s show at The Blind Beggar here.


Get April 26 Tix

We have tickets for April 26 at The Beggar. Please buy them from us if you can. Get them from any of us, or use the contact page to send us an email. We’ll figure out a way to set them aside for you.

May 4 grab your children

Mark your calendars and hope for good weather on May 4th. Keith has mallets. No-one phone the bylaw guys or Margo won’t be able to sing. Details to follow.

We have some video from the open mic at The Blind Beggar ! Just iPhone video, nothing fancy. Thanks to the fans for recording this! If you took any footage yourself please upload it.

There are pictures from the Blind Beggar show on Facebook. Thank you Gerry David!

Shoot some video

Can you take pictures and video of us on Feb 28th?
Blind BeggarLogoContinue reading...

Facebook and Wonder Woman

We have the Facebook feed in our website now. Simple pleasures. Also we are memorizing some tunes. Finally, Sean1 seems to have rediscovered his old Wonder Woman interest, so we have a new song to go with it. Also a new Youngblood Brass Band song.

Watch the shows page, we’re going to be playing somewhere soon!

Wonder Woman Picture

Back arranging

After a field trip to Banff to hear the Hot 8 Brass Band we are back at rehearsing and polishing.

Looking for a local band to share the stage with us, thinking some sort of duo to compensate for our large size, but they can’t be some mellow folky jazzy airy fairy duo. Something with some edge and, of course, talent. If you know of anyone let us know!

Also commissioning some third-party arrangements from talented Calgary individuals, and working on a few extended wank improvs in case people want us to play on and on and on through the night… “Three chords three minutes” is a guideline, not a rule!

Fun times!