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Merry Christmas from Delirium SPB

Perhaps we had a bit too much wine at our pre-Christmas rehearsal. Oh well.

See you all next year! New songs, new drummer... it’s going to be good.

NOLA educational trip

John is heading down to New Orleans to pick up some technique and inspiration. Anyone in New Orleans, drop him a line or see him at The Soul Rebels Thursday 23 at Le Bon Temps Roule.

Also, we are still searching for a drummer to take the place of those that have flown the coop (to Berklee School of Music for Michael, Edmonton mostly for Aleks), in the meantime we’re working on new tunes and have some full-on professionals we can call for gigs. If you know a drummer who may be interested, let us know! And there are a couple of new songs in the works, arranging and composing, practicing and rehearsing...

The Soul Rebels at Le Bon Temps Roule in New Orleans

This weekend

The two-gigs-in-one-weekend is here. We have some new tunes for you, stand by for the surprises!

Friday’s show is a private show for the clients of the Drop In Centre. We are donating our music and reports are it’s a lot of fun. Even though it’s a private show, we can add you to the guest list. If you’ve never been there, this may be your chance. Send us a note using the "Contact" link at the bottom of every page on the website.

Saturday’s show is at the Rosedale Hall from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. Tickets from The $30 price includes your meal (at 7:30), one drink, and the music. It’s a silent auction fundraiser for the Rosedale Tennis Club, and you will be hard pressed to find a better bunch of guys than the people in the Rosedale Tennis Club.

Russ Gauthier from False Flag will be drumming for us at both shows!


Summer video "Believe In You" is out

Today we’re releasing our "Believe In You" video. Stephen Love, a film student who we know and love, hung out with us this summer and filmed many of our fun adventures, in Chinatown, at the Peace Bridge, at the Stampede Hangover Picnic, in the Bow River, and on 17th Avenue in the rain. He edited into a great compilation of us having fun playing outdoors in Calgary.

Thank you to everyone who made our summer so great. All the fans, the passersby, the people who booked us for festivals, the Lemon Bucket Orkestra and ContainR, friends and family, supportive businesses and communities, etc. etc.

This is your city, this is our love song for you and Calgary. Enjoy!

Aug 20 Cancelled (rainy and cold)

Just a quick note to our fans that due to the weather forecast we’re not likely busking in Kensington on Wednesday Aug 20. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you soon! Watch the shows page or twitter for up-to-date info.


August and September

September 26 and 27 is a big weekend. First we play the Drop In Centre at the ArtBeat Stage. This is a free show primarily for the clients and staff of the Drop In centre, to bring music to people who might not otherwise get out to hear live music. It should be a big enthusiastic crowd and it would be great if you could come, even if you’re lucky enough to not need the services of the Drop in Centre.
Pasted Graphic

The next day we play the Rosedale Tennis Clubs "Light It Up" fundraising gala. There will be great tennis, dinner and a drink, and some outdoor and indoor music, for $30. We plan to mix it up with some traditional New Orleans in the late afternoon, and revert to our pop/rock dance in the evening.

In the meantime, next week we will play a busking show Aug 20 in Kensington, weather permitting. Hope you can come out, this will be Michael’s last show of the summer before he takes off back to Berklee School of Music in the fall. Watch twitter for last minute info.

AND AND AND AND our video will be dropping soon. It’s got a lot of great outdoor footage, really showing off our fine city and the fun we’ve had all summer. We can’t wait!

Photo and Video from the River

Last night we waded across treacherous waters near Prince’s Island, then played along with our recording of Believe In You, which was on infinite loop on the amp. Meanwhile, Stephen shot video from the Peace Bridge. We gathered quite a crowd on the bridge and on the shore! When we couldn’t stand Believe In You anymore, we had an audience member stop the iPod, then we played Sweet Dreams and Thrift Shop from our little island stage. Stephen captured Sweet Dreams and put it on the Youtubes:

After another the treacherous water crossing, we hung out and watched the sun set:


and finished the night on The Yardhouse patio. What a great night! Thank you to the hundreds who stopped, watched, and applauded!

Next up: Aug 2nd Saturday in Inglewood, 4PM outdoor show with Open Streets Calgary.

Do you want to be a video extra on Tuesday July 29?

On July 29 we’re going to shoot some video. We’re going to “play along” with our Believe In You, starting at the Peace Bridge, then move on to a few other locations. Eventually, we may end up in Kensington again at the Container Bar.

We’re looking for some extras for background in the video! It’s a love song, so if you have someone you love (not necessarily romantically), bring them along, you can hold hands or sit close to each other.

Check our latest tweets here on on our twitter page for last minute info.

Lets do it again Aug 2 at Inglewood Sunfest

Thanks to Open Streets Calgary we’ll be hitting the bicycle-powered stage again at Inglewood Sunfest. Sunfest is noon to 5PM on August 2nd, we’ll be performing at 4PM. Please come out and hear us! We had so much fun at the Stampede Hangover Picnic the last time we partnered with Open Streets Calgary, we can’t wait to do it again!

There are some great street performers at Sunfest, so come early, and stay late. Hope to see you!

Stampede Hangover Picnic Aerial image

Tuesday's Stampede Hangover Picnic

Tuesday is the day for the Stampede Hangover Picnic. Hope to see you there. Pay what you can cover charge. All info on this page. 6:00 at Olympic Plaza (with a bicycle or CTRAIN fare), or 7:00 at ContainR by the Sunnyside LRT station. Bring some food or drink if you can.

IMG_1303 sml

Volunteers needed for Stampede Hangover Picnic

One thousand postcard-size flyers showed up, if you can distribute some to friends, family, or nearby businesses, let us know and we’ll drop some off.

We also need:

* bouncers (just hang around and look official, mostly, as the band will collect the cover charge)

* merch people (sell CDs and stuff)

* compost and recycling diverters (hang out by the waste recycling bins and help people decide where to put their stuff.)


Calgary Stampede and its Hangover

Watch the show page or twitter feed for last minute busking announcements this week, we may be out on the 9th, and probably be out near the LBO on the 11th and the 13th. Cowboy boots, big belt buckles, and cowboy hats encouraged. We may even play 2 country toons if you ask nice!

We are calling for volunteers for the Stampede Hangover Picnic! on July 15 with the visiting Lemon Bucket Orkestra. Positions needed:

1) Cover charge collector

2) Merch girl or Merch boy (all ages)

3) Promo help, we’ve ordered 1000 postcard size announcements. If you can drop some off with your friends, contact us and we’ll set you up.

If you love Stampede, party hard, so you’re ready for the hangover picnic. If you hate Stampede, this is the thing you need on your calendar to keep you sane over the next week.

AND WE WILL HAVE OUR CD for SALE. Bring money for the bands, and an extra $5 for the CD. If you can’t make it to the Hangover Picnic, we can mail you out the CD for an extra $2 shipping, just contact us.

Gazebo Dance Party cover

Canada Day

We are playing Canada Day in Chinatown. Thanks to the Calgary Chinatown community for inviting us. We are at the corner of 3rd Ave and 1St SE at 7PM.

We will have our first CD for sale. If you want one, bring $5.
If you want the very first one, labeled “the very first CD” in sharpie and signed by us, bring $50.


There are many things going on downtown on Canada Day. Check the Official Website for the list.

Here is the full lineup at our location. If the Riverfront Stage show (i.e. Ridley Bent) is too loud, look for us a block or two east.

3:00pm DJ Music
3:30pm Stephen Wong Wing Chuen Martial Art Demo
3:50pm Diane Lindsay
4:00pm Car Show roll-in DJ Music
4:10pm Atsushi Ono Magic Encounter
4:20pm Jone Shakka Break Dance
4:30pm Kayden Abel Soccer Freestyler
4:40pm Linda Kitchin 
5:00pm Andy Mitchell
5:10pm Tony Chance
5:20pm Atsushi Ono Magic Encounter
5:30pm Kayden Abel Soccer Freestyler
5:40pm Stephen Wong Wing Chuen Martial Art Demo
6:00pm Jone Shakka Break Dance
6:10pm Atsushi Ono Magic Encounter
6:20pm Tony Chance
6:30pm Diane Lindsay
6:45pm DJ Music / over run cushion time
7:00pm John Abraham Delirium Street Band
8:00pm DJ Music

Sharing the Gazebo with the Street People

On Friday, as promised, we hit 17th Avenue to play some music. It was raining pretty hard, so all the people who had indoor places to take shelter were missing. However, there were some street people taking shelter in the Gazebo. They really seemed to like the music, and took the dancing pretty seriously!

We love playing for people who take dancing seriously! With or without a beer-in-hand. Thank you! Check out the video below.

Where should we busk on 17th Ave on Friday 27 June?

Please vote for where you want us to play on Friday 27 June. 9PM on or near 17th Avenue Somewhere. We’re hitting the street at night, weather permitting. Check the comments below for last minute updates. Vote here.


Lemon Bucket Orkestra coming to play with us!

There are a lot of fun things coming up on the Delirium SPB schedule!.

Most importantly, the amazing Lemon Bucket Orkestra are coming to Calgary! We have a show scheduled with them on July 15. It will be an outdoor show, a Stampede Hangover Picnic. There will be bicycles, a parade, dancing, etc. etc. etc. Save the date July 15 and watch this space for details! This will be a pay-what-you-can event, not a free event, to support the 16 piece LBO on their Canada Tour.

Other dates:
June 27: Free Impromptu Busking Show location TBA
July 1: Video Shoot Day and Free Show in Chinatown at the Street Festival
Calgary Stampede July 3 to July 13. Lots of busking! LBO arrive July 10. We have country tunes!

Please use Twitter or our Mailing List to stay informed, so that you don’t miss any of this! (Facebook won’t show you all of our posts...)

lbo_press_sml image

Tuesday June 17 Beltline Free Show

Tuesday June 17 7:00 PM check us out somewhere in the Beltline, probably Central Memorial Park. Maybe Tompkin Park. Check out the map of the two locations and watch the comments below, or check the show’s list page, for any last minute updates. Bring your kids, grandparents, cameras, dancing shoes, parasols, bikes, whatever else you need to have a fun night in Calgary’s urban heartland.


After work Tuesday come to the Peace Bridge

We’re going to be playing some tunes Tuesday June 3rd at the Peace Bridge. Got some people coming to shoot video too, so bring your fancy hat and your dancing shoes. Downbeat planned for 6:30PM.

Seems it’s a popular place for grad photos this time of year too... Celebration!

Ski season over, busking starts Sunday

Ski season ended on Monday, which means Busking season is back. And Michael is back for our drums.

We’ll return triumphantly to Eau Claire (the circle amphitheatre by the windmill) on Sunday May 25, around 3PM. (If there’s some other event going on there, check the Peace Bridge just a few blocks West.)

Hope to see you! Bring your camera and shoot photos and video, so you can upload it for us. Bring your dogs, kids, grandparents, etc.

A mailing list and a new drummer!

We have a Mailing List. Sign up here. It will automatically send you the information from our News page.

Also, we have Aleks, Balkan Super Party Drummer, joining the band. And Michael is back from Berklee School of Music! Stay tuned for upcoming busking shows. And get ready for Stampede, when “SPB” stands for “Stampede Party Band”.

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Our Searchlight Picks

We didn’t make the next round in CBC Searchlight, but some of our favourite bands were able to get enough votes to move on! Please keep voting. Comment below with your favourites, here are some of ours:

Joanna Borromeo awesome piano player, arranger, composer, soul-singer from Calgary, vote here

Delbert and The Commotions, Soul / Funk / R&B band from Ontario, vote here

Misterfire, who opened for us at the Canmore Hotel, vote here

Wil, from those amazing Travel Alberta Ads, vote here

No brass in CBC Searchlight? Vote!

There’s just a few days left to vote for us in CBC’s Searchlight competition for the best new band in Canada. Vote here.

We’re finding it annoying that most of the bands in Searchlight are classic guitar-rock bands. Search google for Searchlight CBC Brass and few pages pages show up that aren’t ours! Search twitter for #Searchlight brass or #Searchlight trombone and we’re the only ones that show up!

Please vote for us to show CBC that Canadians like their brass!

Vote here!

Pasted Graphic

Vote for Believe In You in CBC's Searchlight

Voting in CBC’s competition for the best new bands in Canada is open! Please vote for us. Here’s how:

1) Go to the CBC Calgary page for Searchlight
2) Type “Delirium” in the search box in the middle, under “Calgary (Homestretch)”
(the one that looks like this! There’s another search box at the top but that won’t take you to the voting page)

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.32.46 AM

3) Click the green “VOTE” button next to our song “Believe In You”.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.34.47 AM

You can vote once per day!

Thanks for your support.

CBC Music get ready to vote for Delirium SPB in Searchlight

We entered into the CBC Music Searchlight competition. Get ready to vote! Check out our profile on CBC.

Listen to our entry Believe In You.


Video of Delirium SPB from Saturday Feb 22 show

We have some fan-taken video from Saturday at Dickens Pub. Check it out on youtube! If you weren’t there, this is what you missed!

February ska gig at Dickens

Please share the word about the Feb 22nd show at Dickens Pub. Dope Soda is coming to town, they formed an Island based ska-reggae-hip-hop-jazz band by stealing musicians from some top Vancouver Island bands. “Led by a three piece horn section” and “ jumps back and forth between reggae jams, punk rock assaults, happy ska romps, and hiphop throwdowns”. Surely an event not to be missed!

We’re also playing, of course, along with Hats and Black Ties, and Class Action. These two bands are the mainstay of ska in Calgary. It’s worth coming out just for them!

If you’re on Facebook please “join” the event here and tweet/share/pin etc, we want to get the crowds out!

dope_soda_6Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.41.46 PM