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Fan preview and preorder of Mental Health Double Header

Our "Mental Health Double Header" is available for pre-purchase on Bandcamp in advance of its release on World Mental Health Day October 10th.

Basket Case (Green Day Cover) is about Panic Disorder

What The Dark Is Bringing is about Suicidal Thoughts.

They rock!!!

Mental health conditions hit all demographics and careers, but musicians write songs about them. Don’t trust your mind, it can play tricks on you. Enjoy these rockers written by Billie Joe Armstrong and Ian Van der Wee about their own personal experiences. But, if they sound too familiar, get help! Bandcamp revenue will be donated to mental health awareness.

John E. Abraham — Production, Mixing, Engineering, Trombone
Collen Middleton — Vocals, Mastering, Guitar
Ian Edmond Van der Wee — Songwriting, Vocals
Run Murias — Drums
Sean Devitt — Saxophone
Dana Kaukinen — Saxophone, Alto Flute
Kevin Waites — Trumpet
John Towell — Trombone
Jevon Hills — Tuba
Maria Kornell — Flute
Scott Sproxton — Saxophone
Jace Laing — Background vocals

Mental Health Double Header

Coming on World Mental Health Day, October 10th

Mental Health Double Header Cover Art sml