Outdoor Calgary Brass-Rock Band for Festivals and Events
We live to play outdoor events! Playing clubs or halls in the evening is fantastic, but a street band should play the street (or the park, or the playground). Calgary doesn’t have a street music culture, so we brought the New Orleans Parade instrumentation to Calgary, and play our own unique, accessible, high energy Brass Rock (not New Orleans Jazz!)

Summer weddings, street fairs, and parties are the best! But even street music works in Canadian cities: Toronto and Montreal have a great street-music tradition going back at least to the early days of The Shuffle Demons, now including the amazing Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Roma Carnivale.

If you are planning an outdoor event in Calgary or Western Canada, please contact us. We’d love to play for you, and can send some more information.


Community event

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Street Party. Photo courtesy Calgary Is Awesome

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House Party

Also see the park photos of us playing in Eau Claire

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