Our Brass Band is the ultimate wedding band! We offer:

  • Ceremony music: we do a special brass band arrangement of your chosen song, or we can also have our brass players play the classics ("Prince of Denmarks March" with trumpet, "Pachabel’s Canon", etc.). Whatever you want!

  • Cocktail hour: Around the world, brides and grooms are appreciating the movement and energy of a brass band during a cocktail hour, especially if it’s outdoors.

  • March: Let us lead your guests from one place to another. A lot of brides and grooms like to bring in a little New Orleans music in a "second-line" style parade.

  • Dance: Let us get your party started with high energy covers and originals, from techno dance music in the style of MEUTE to pop and rock songs. We have four vocalists and an array of percussion and horns.

All weddings include at least two custom brass band arrangements of your favourite songs.

Contact us about your special day. We have many of Alberta’s best wind and percussion players in our ensemble. And, we are always happy to point you towards other musicians if you decide a brass band isn’t your thing! Your day is about you and our professional musicians are happy to help in any way we can.

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