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Delirium Street Party Brass releases Big Yellow Taxi for Joni Mitchell's 80th Birthday

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06 NOVEMBER 2023 (Calgary, AB) – Delirium Street Party Brass, Calgary’s #1 brass and percussion ensemble, has released their new single for "Big Yellow Taxi" off of their upcoming debut EP The Alberta Sessions.

“Big Yellow Taxi” is the second single from the EP, which will be released on Tuesday, November 7th - the same day as the legendary singer/songwriter and icon Joni Mitchell’s 80th birthday.  “We are so lucky to be able to have this band of a dozen of Calgary’s greatest musicians, and to celebrate the greatest genius to ever come out of Alberta on her 80th birthday is a major honour”, said co-Producer Scott Morin.

Although widely discussed as being from Saskatchewan, Joni Mitchell was born in Fort Macleod, AB on November 7th, 1943.  Her storied history as one of the great poets, songwriters, painters, vocalists and guitarists is widely celebrated, and this composition is perhaps her best known in an unbelievable catalogue of classic songs.  “Big Yellow Taxi” is known for its environmental concern and is the #9 song on CBC’s list of ‘Top 50 Essential Canadian tracks.’

The arrangement of the song by Calgarian bassist Jeremy Coates, vocal performance from local singer Ali Wick, and production by band leader John Abraham and 3-Time Juno Winner Scott Morin was a true labour of love, that took place at OCL Studios in Chestermere, AB.  The opportunity to record this song in the prairies, where Joni grew up, added to the inspiration behind the recording. 

Delirium Street Party Brass is a unique ensemble of jazz, funk, soul and pop musicians who are driven to bring a new take on the classic New Orleans brass band sound.  Featuring three generations of musicians led by a dynamic and diverse young vocalist, the band represents a refreshing take that is focussed on bringing the brass band esthetic to a wide audience.

“Big Yellow Taxi” is the follow up to DSPB’s debut single, an arrangement of Kiesza’s hit “Hideaway”, and is the second single from their debut EP “The Alberta Sessions” which will be released in April 2024.  The EP features new arrangements in the brass band tradition of songs by Joni Mitchell, Kiesza, Feist, Ali Wick, Jocelyn Alice, and Tegan and Sara.  All singles will be released over the next 6 months, followed by a Western Canadian tour from the group.

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Scott Morin – Mascot Music – or 403-690-4747


This is the second release off of our upcoming Alberta Sessions EP.


Outdoor Performance and Memorial Procession at Car Free Sunday in Inglewood

Come to Inglewood on Sunday for the pedestrian street celebration. We're performing in front of Spolumbo's at 2PM and 3PM. We're playing songs from our upcoming "The Alberta Sessions EP" in a true "street band" format. We are also leading a procession New Orlean's style to celebrate and honour musicians lost in 2023, including Marvin Kee, Ian Tyson, Stacie Lynn Roper, Dan McKinnon, Andy Sparacino and Dean Clarke. Bring your instrument or your voice as we'll be handing out some sheet music so you can join us.

We love street party brass music, we love NOLA-style music, and we loved so many of these recently departed musicians. It's going to be great to honour them in a celebration of music and their lives. And, we'll be honouring living Alberta female songwriters too, with some of our other songs.

The street party is from 11:30 AM to 5:00PM.

But, stay after! Our friends
The Brass Tactics are playing Ironwood in the evening!

Pride Patio Party

PS Someone tagged the Brass Tactic's show with "Alberta's Best Brass Band". Ha Ha. Maybe there will be a throw-down like back in the days of Kid Ory and Buddy Bolden! Someone's trying to fire up a rivalry? We won't have it, unless it's one of those fun rivalries like the one with your little brother who you secretly love.

Pride Party at Cold Garden Setpember 2nd

Pride Party at Coldgarden on September 2nd!

We're thrilled to be playing this Saturday at
Cold Garden for Pride! Sponsored by the University of Calgary Alumni Association, with Nada Nuff as the host, and drag stars DogiiChow, Shane Onyou, and Tana Nuff performing.

Word is we'll be opening the party at 1PM, and then playing around 4 PM, but that could change. The party is from 1PM to 5PM! Details

Pride Patio Party

We've got a great selection of songs for y'all. We just got out of the studio to finalize our new EP, so we're

Hideaway Release Party with l'Omelette at Ironwood Feb 23

We're having a double-single release party by Delirium Street Party Brass with special guests l'Omelette. Delirium releases their "Hideaway" single, the first of their "Alberta Sessions" song project with Modern Brass Band interpretations of female Alberta Songwriters. We love the original by Kiesza! Eclectic art rock outfit L'omlette releases their single "Cool".

These two bands are reinventing modern music. L'omelette has proudly evaded description since their inception in 2017, blending music and visuals with vibrant, heady beats. Delirium Street Party Brass has been pushing the "modern brass" nascent genre, focusing on blending jazz interpretations from New Orleans street bands while making modern pop beats better with percussion and horns.

Ironwood Stage & Grill on the Music Mile in Calgary.

Ironwood Show Poster

Hideaway Release Save The Date Calgary Feb 23.

We’re going to be releasing our single Hideaway at a party at The Ironwood on February 23rd. Hold the date! DSPB-hideaway-iCvr-800x800